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Director, producer, actor, writer and artist, Elizabeth Gorcey has expanded her repertoire to book publishing with the LIV ON LIFE (”LOL”) children’s book series.

The six-book series is written from the endearing perspective of Elizabeth’s daughter, Olivia, who shares her insights and observations on modern-day life.

The message is clear… in a high tech and fast-paced world, kids are still the best teachers to remind adults of the simple joys in life.
Our Mission

What is Liv On Life?

A children’s book series centered around Olivia (aka Liv), a young girl, who embraces her authenticity and sense of wonder. On every adventure, Liv shows us how joy and kindness can change the world.

Our mission is to inspire the pursuit of a healthy and helpful lifestyle that includes an organic diet, natural cotton clothes, and being kind to all living things.

Liv on Life Books

Awards & Recognition

Since the launch of the Liv On Life™ brand, we have been recognized by the following organizations:

Global Green USA

Global Green Champion

Gutsy Girl Award

by Gutsy Gals Inspire Me

Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

Newbie Award

Beverly Hills Book Awards


The Gittle List

Children’s Picture Book

Story Monster Approved

Books Worth Devouring!

Independent Press Award

2017 IPA Winners and Distinguished

Book Excellence Award

2016 Finalist

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